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PO Date
 Vendor Name
PO Amount Justification MethodPO DocumentContract Document
B00010061/6/2022 AMERICAN ABATEMENT LLC46,728.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B00010071/7/2022 INTERPRETERS 2 GO LLC20,000.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B00010081/11/2022 PBK ARCHITECTS, INC257,500.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B00010091/11/2022 PBK ARCHITECTS, INC405,000.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B00010111/12/2022 Parkhill Smith & Cooper Inc90,395.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B00010141/18/2022 HUCKABEE & ASSOCIATES INC365,620.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
P00277181/4/2022 Sysco Foods51,301.84 Informal Bids, 51.9335
P00277201/4/2022 Workforce Talent Educators Association25,000.00 Best Value, 51.9335
P00277231/5/2022 Boyd Metals of Tyler, Inc.74,637.30 Formal Bids, 51.9335
P00277361/6/2022 CDW Government Inc328,137.55 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00277371/6/2022 Rokoko Electronics21,040.00 Sole Source, 2155.067
P00277381/6/2022 CDW Government Inc197,325.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00277391/6/2022 Technical Laboratory Systems, Inc.322,940.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00277401/6/2022 Technical Laboratory Systems, Inc.28,084.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00277411/6/2022 Screen Magic Mobile Media Inc.131,790.00 Sole Source, 2155.067
P00277741/11/2022 Dell Financial Services80,031.78 State Contract
P00277751/11/2022 Stvt-Aai Education, Inc.55,000.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
P00277781/11/2022 Ellucian Company, L.P.40,358.00 Best Value, 51.9335
P00277911/12/2022 Dell Marketing L.P.32,687.64 State Contract
P00278061/13/2022 Commercial Roofs of Texas40,871.47 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00278181/14/2022 Articulate22,066.00 Best Value, 51.9335
P00278251/14/2022 Alltex Welding Supply, Inc168,953.45 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00278261/14/2022 Alltex Welding Supply, Inc55,748.38 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00278281/14/2022 Alltex Welding Supply, Inc203,442.11 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00278301/14/2022 Alltex Welding Supply, Inc404,432.47 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00278311/14/2022 Alltex Welding Supply, Inc57,340.58 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00278321/14/2022 Alltex Welding Supply, Inc208,381.53 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00278331/14/2022 Alltex Welding Supply, Inc368,680.51 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00278341/14/2022 Alltex Welding Supply, Inc284,585.25 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00278441/18/2022 Southwest Contract, Inc.27,324.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P00278471/19/2022 Payne Mechanical Services20,850.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335