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 Vendor Name
PO Amount Justification MethodPO DocumentContract Document
PO100028691/2/2023 Sports in Action, LLC17,500.00 19A Best Value
PO100028701/2/2023 Pioneer Steel & Pipe Company45,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100028711/3/2023 Jaco Roofing & Construction, Inc330,700.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100028721/3/2023 Jaco Roofing & Construction, Inc132,780.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100028731/3/2023 Jaco Roofing & Construction, Inc86,830.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100028741/3/2023 EAB Global Inc28,500.00 
PO100028751/3/2023 Systemview Inc37,580.08 
PO100028841/3/2023 Cloud Topco, LP52,988.00 
PO100028851/3/2023 Rusty Tucker Sprinkler Co Inc22,500.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100028861/3/2023 Challenger Center for Space Science Education17,976.49 
PO100028871/3/2023 Challenger Center for Space Science Education16,830.00 
PO100028931/4/2023 Lonestar Chiller Systems LLC107,291.38 14A Group Purchasing
PO100028941/4/2023 Brett Properties LLC27,864.00 19A Best Value
PO100029111/6/2023 Diamond E. Management, LLC20,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100029281/10/2023 Valley International Airport24,419.54 
PO100029331/11/2023 Addition Technologies, Inc178,598.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100029341/11/2023 Cogent Infotech Corporation25,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100029371/11/2023 Yuja Inc.29,500.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100029391/12/2023 Dell Marketing L.P.45,161.38 
PO100029601/17/2023 Solid Border Inc94,626.00 
PO100029621/17/2023 Home Abstract and Title Company25,483.30 19A Best Value
PO100029641/17/2023 NEW BRAUNFELS UTILITIES50,000.00 19A Best Value
PO100029691/18/2023 CSP Utilities, LLC105,600.00 18A Emergency
PO100029791/19/2023 Gulf Coast Paper Co. Inc21,400.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100029851/19/2023 Agile Fleet, Inc37,867.08 12A Formal Bids
PO100029901/20/2023 EVCO Partners LP23,872.17 14A Group Purchasing
PO100029961/20/2023 Dell Marketing L.P.81,689.36 
PO100030081/23/2023 Aerotrain Corp.66,900.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100030091/23/2023 Firetrol Protection Systems Inc22,800.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100030141/24/2023 Texas Water Master Inc19,152.07 11A Informal Bids
PO100030181/25/2023 American Association of Community Colleges16,618.00 19A Best Value
PO100030221/26/2023 Fox Mechanical, LLC20,774.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100030461/26/2023 Enterprise Commercial Roofing and Construction LLC40,235.36 11A Informal Bids
PO100030471/26/2023 Technical Laboratory Systems, Inc761,714.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100030481/27/2023 Sirius Computer Solutions, LLC73,924.73 
PO100030641/27/2023 City of New Braunfels15,000.00 19A Best Value
PO100030711/30/2023 EVCO Partners LP45,736.68 14A Group Purchasing
PO100030721/30/2023 Alltex Welding Supply, Inc40,054.20 14A Group Purchasing
PO100030781/31/2023 Gartner Inc99,488.83 
PO100030791/31/2023 Darr Equipment Lp35,372.39 19A Best Value
PO100030811/31/2023 Robert Half International Inc85,000.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100030821/31/2023 Workday Incorporated19,840.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100030861/31/2023 Firetrol Protection Systems Inc22,310.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100030932/1/2023 The TSTC Foundation36,000.00 19A Best Value
PO100030942/1/2023 The TSTC Foundation36,000.00 19A Best Value
PO100030962/1/2023 Texas Traditions Group LLC67,288.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100030972/1/2023 ERP Analyst Inc36,000.00 19A Best Value
PO100031062/2/2023 Lochridge-Priest, Inc.48,481.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100031112/3/2023 PV Platforms, Inc33,066.88 11A Informal Bids
PO100031172/3/2023 Asher Media, Inc134,995.00 19A Best Value
PO100031392/9/2023 Advanced Technologies Consultants534,724.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100031492/9/2023 Creative Graphic Solutions LLC24,500.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100031502/9/2023 Gartner Inc99,488.83 
PO100031532/9/2023 Lonestar Chiller Systems LLC15,520.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100031562/13/2023 The Dent Company Collision Center16,792.69 19A Best Value
PO100031742/14/2023 KLC Custom Electronics, LLC15,506.28 19A Best Value
PO100031782/16/2023 Educated Business Resource Corp26,400.00 19A Best Value
PO100031852/16/2023 Thomas Gallaway Corporation108,876.64 
PO100031862/16/2023 Austin Fraser Inc85,000.00 
PO100031982/17/2023 Texas Water Master Inc32,000.00 19A Best Value
PO100032002/17/2023 Achievers Corp16,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100032252/21/2023 Mermac Corporation30,641.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100032392/24/2023 Workday Incorporated31,620.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100032402/24/2023 Pantheon Systems Inc.32,701.20 12A Formal Bids
PO100032412/27/2023 Kudelski Security Inc102,470.44 
PO100032442/27/2023 Plato Elearning, Llc48,253.97 19A Best Value
PO100032512/28/2023 Greater Waco Collective Impact Initiative243,600.00 19A Best Value
PO100032522/28/2023 Associated Supply Co., Inc56,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100032532/28/2023 ECM International, Inc600,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100032582/28/2023 Shiny Box, LLC143,500.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100032612/28/2023 CDW Government Inc17,903.55 14A Group Purchasing
PO100032633/1/2023 Parkhill Smith & Cooper Inc1,455,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100032653/1/2023 Batjer Service Llc50,358.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100032783/2/2023 Cavallo Energy Texas LLC236,056.06 
PO100032803/2/2023 Cavallo Energy Texas LLC401,116.02 
PO100032863/6/2023 Edmo Distributors54,063.16 
PO100032893/6/2023 TRSI, LLC49,425.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100032903/6/2023 Johnson Controls Inc16,313.59 14A Group Purchasing
PO100032983/6/2023 Summus Dell - Punchout82,933.20 
PO100033003/6/2023 Schneider Electric Buildings Americas Inc45,300.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100033083/7/2023 A H Elevator Company LLC22,160.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100033153/7/2023 PrismRBS, LLC15,532.00 19A Best Value
PO100033183/7/2023 Charter Communications Holdings, Llc.30,395.12 
PO100033243/8/2023 AT&T32,916.48 
PO100033333/8/2023 City of Sweetwater63,667.44 
PO100033383/8/2023 Cavallo Energy Texas LLC278,238.76 
PO100033393/8/2023 Huckabee & Associates, Inc179,916.60 
PO100033423/8/2023 Bartlett Cocke General Contractors Llc413,515.37 
PO100033493/8/2023 T & D Powerskills Llc17,550.00 
PO100033563/8/2023 Shelton-Keller Group Inc60,650.03 14A Group Purchasing
PO100034003/9/2023 King Consultants18,050.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100034063/9/2023 Articulate29,707.50 19A Best Value
PO100034113/10/2023 PrismRBS, LLC27,627.00 20A Auxiliary
PO100034183/10/2023 ABF Concrete, LLC46,000.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100034403/14/2023 Alliance Geotechnical Group, Inc25,300.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100034563/14/2023 SkillsUSA Texas College Postsecondary19,050.00 19A Best Value
PO100034593/15/2023 Steven Burton22,000.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100034603/15/2023 Lewis Land Management LLC33,458.30 12A Formal Bids
PO100034613/15/2023 AFFINNITTI BUSINESS SOLUTIONS INC187,051.60 12A Formal Bids
PO100034623/15/2023 SkillsUSA Texas College Postsecondary62,280.00 19A Best Value
PO100034843/16/2023 Rexel Usa, Inc36,347.54 14A Group Purchasing
PO100034863/16/2023 The Suddath Companies196,751.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100034883/16/2023 Aviation Management Consulting Group, Inc.30,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100034893/16/2023 1 Quality Electric, Inc19,493.66 12A Formal Bids
PO100034933/16/2023 CDW Government Inc21,920.64 14A Group Purchasing
PO100034943/16/2023 Touchnet Information Systems, Inc45,000.00 19A Best Value
PO100035023/17/2023 Huntington Sky Production Ltd26,022.05 14A Group Purchasing
PO100035243/22/2023 ECM International, Inc34,500.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100035253/22/2023 Prolego Consulting Solutions, LLC68,267.23 12A Formal Bids
PO100035263/22/2023 Integra Management Associates63,300.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100035343/23/2023 Key Bank National Association36,500.00 
PO100035453/23/2023 CDW Government Inc24,238.75 14A Group Purchasing
PO100035463/23/2023 Wylie & Son Inc127,500.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100035473/24/2023 Kuali, Inc37,238.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100035553/24/2023 JAG Aviation Inc40,000.00 
PO100035603/24/2023 Skillsusa Texas15,000.00 19A Best Value