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 Vendor Name
PO Amount Justification MethodPO DocumentContract Document
B10004281/4/2021 AAR INCORPORATED602,000.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004291/4/2021 ASSISTEX, INC. DBA PRACTICE MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE17,358.60 Sole Source, 2155.067
B10004311/5/2021 INTERCON ENVIRONMENTAL INC648,000.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004341/7/2021 DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION102,021.84 State Contract
B10004391/8/2021 INTERPRETERS 2 GO LLC30,000.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004401/11/2021 KAYE BASSMAN INTERNATIONAL CORP90,000.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004421/21/2021 Universal Helicopters35,869.80 Best Value, 51.9335
B10004441/25/2021 ASHER MEDIA, INC.31,290.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004451/25/2021 TRANE U S INC19,881.00 Sole Source, 2155.067
B10004461/29/2021 HILL INTERNATIONAL INC.146,000.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004482/4/2021 WALKER PARTNERS LLC188,400.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004492/4/2021 WALKER PARTNERS LLC129,400.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004512/5/2021 Asher Media, Inc.56,215.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004522/5/2021 King Consultants34,842.90 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004532/5/2021 1 PRIORITY ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, LLC.63,314.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004542/5/2021 AAR INCORPORATED61,900.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004572/8/2021 HOPKINS OIL COMPANY14,600.00 Open Market
B10004592/9/2021 TEXAS TRIBUNE INC99,450.00 Best Value, 51.9335
B10004622/11/2021 AMERICAN ABATEMENT LLC545,423.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004642/19/2021 CSP UTILITIES, LLC20,178.00 Emergency, 2155.137
B10004742/24/2021 Praxair Distribution14,999.00 Open Market
B10004772/25/2021 VOLTA LEARNING GROUP169,000.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004833/9/2021 CAHS74,900.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
B10004843/11/2021 GUARANTEED HYDROMULCH LLC300,000.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004873/18/2021 THE BRANDT COMPANIES LLC23,934.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004883/22/2021 ASHER MEDIA, INC.300,000.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004893/25/2021 AAR INCORPORATED161,400.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004903/26/2021 IMPERIAL CONSTRUCTION INC726,000.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004913/26/2021 LINDAMOOD DEMOLITION, INC.123,711.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004923/30/2021 KUALI INC.89,850.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004933/30/2021 AAR Incorporated87,400.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004943/30/2021 Albo Construction Llc92,500.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004954/1/2021 Albo Construction Llc273,000.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
B10004974/6/2021 AMERICAN ABATEMENT LLC14,454.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
P10174091/4/2021 Shi Government Solutions29,364.00 State Contract
P10174211/5/2021 Dell Marketing L.P.32,022.30 State Contract
P10174231/5/2021 Workday Incorporated40,938.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
P10174291/6/2021 McLennan County Tax Office199,300.55 Auxiliary, 2155.141
P10174341/8/2021 Laerdal Medical Corp.46,558.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P10174441/12/2021 Grimsley Electric, Inc.20,938.40 Informal Bids, 51.9335
P10174631/19/2021 T-Bar Enterprises Llc22,917.68 Informal Bids, 51.9335
P10174701/20/2021 Dell Financial Services80,031.78 State Contract
P10174771/21/2021 Technical Laboratory Systems, Inc.86,975.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P10174851/22/2021 Technical Laboratory Systems, Inc.310,640.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P10174891/22/2021 Simulab Corportation44,475.00 Sole Source, 2155.067
P10175181/29/2021 Quinton and Sons212,900.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
P10175452/2/2021 Solid Border Inc196,000.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P10175682/4/2021 CDW Government Inc42,472.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P10175712/4/2021 Career Education, Inc.90,000.00 Best Value, 51.9335
P10175802/5/2021 Premier Truck Group28,000.00 Sole Source, 2155.067
P10175982/8/2021 Dell Inc21,964.27 State Contract
P10176222/10/2021 Winston Water Cooler of Waco Ltd28,620.00 Informal Bids, 51.9335
P10176432/12/2021 Mock Medical, Llc.23,878.75 Sole Source, 2155.067
P10176512/12/2021 Plato Elearning, Llc29,750.00 Best Value, 51.9335
P10176532/18/2021 Trsi, Llc.38,684.82 Emergency, 2155.137
P10176572/22/2021 Humboldt Mfg Co.15,097.00 Informal Bids, 51.9335
P10176692/23/2021 Systemview Inc30,955.20 Sole Source, 2155.067
P10176812/23/2021 Consolidated Electrical Dist, Inc.17,731.28 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P10177152/25/2021 TargetX52,400.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
P10177222/26/2021 Red River Technology Llc36,500.00 State Contract
P10177242/26/2021 T & D Powerskills Llc17,550.00 Sole Source, 2155.067
P10177253/1/2021 Steven Burton15,800.00 Informal Bids, 51.9335
P10177263/1/2021 Integra Management Associates64,050.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
P10177453/3/2021 The Brandt Companies Llc53,850.00 Formal Bids, 51.9335
P10177553/4/2021 Technical Laboratory Systems, Inc.68,740.00 Sole Source, 2155.067
P10177573/4/2021 Salesforce.Com, Inc.142,222.57 Best Value, 51.9335
P10177843/9/2021 Penske Truck Leasing Co Lp16,504.00 Best Value, 51.9335
P10178103/12/2021 Carahsoft Technology Corporation19,636.50 State Contract
P10178693/19/2021 Cahs27,500.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P10178913/24/2021 Alltex Capital Equipment Leasing Corp.37,364.18 Best Value, 51.9335
P10178973/25/2021 Dell Marketing L.P.27,009.06 State Contract
P10179183/29/2021 M S C Industrial Supply Co56,438.49 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P10179223/29/2021 Lower Rio Grande Valley Develo40,000.00 Sole Source, 2155.067
P10179313/30/2021 Global Xpress Promotions15,392.75 Open Market
P10179563/31/2021 Vinson Process Controls99,101.78 Sole Source, 2155.067
P10179674/1/2021 Bowers-Cross Investments, Llc.31,347.00 Informal Bids, 51.9335
P10179744/1/2021 Ccx Technologies, Inc.75,000.00 Sole Source, 2155.067
P10179844/5/2021 Pathway Communications Ltd24,616.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P10179874/5/2021 Technical Laboratory Systems, Inc.73,770.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P10179924/6/2021 Pathway Communications Ltd24,616.00 Group Purchasing, 51.9335
P14508091/28/2021 CSP Utilities, LLC43,200.00 Emergency, 2155.137