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 Vendor Name
PO Amount Justification MethodPO DocumentContract Document
PO100077991/4/2024 Compunnel Software Group, Inc24,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100078501/9/2024 Triple-S Steel Supply LLC32,167.11 14A Group Purchasing
PO100078651/9/2024 American Association of Community Colleges16,866.00 19A Best Value
PO100079091/10/2024 COBAN Technologies Inc.23,276.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100079101/10/2024 COBAN Technologies Inc.28,599.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100079111/10/2024 Integra Management Associates109,500.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100079131/10/2024 Dell Marketing L.P.54,554.64 
PO100079221/11/2024 JRJ Enterprise LLC22,985.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100079431/11/2024 Walker Partners, LLC51,500.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100079441/11/2024 C & A Builders29,800.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100079511/11/2024 Incline Alchemy Inc42,653.29 12A Formal Bids
PO100080311/16/2024 Netsync Network Solutions48,850.29 
PO100080381/17/2024 Solid Border Inc108,052.00 
PO100080391/17/2024 MJR Consulting LLC170,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100080471/18/2024 T X U Energy100,000.00 20A Auxiliary
PO100080861/19/2024 Solid Border Inc46,190.00 
PO100081061/22/2024 Kudelski Security Inc99,273.69 
PO100081241/22/2024 Petrosys Solutions Inc46,514.48 19A Best Value
PO100081271/23/2024 Rusty Tucker Sprinkler Co Inc16,500.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100081521/23/2024 TEAMDYNAMIX SOLUTIONS LLC (Hold)56,700.00 
PO100081631/23/2024 Firetrol Protection Systems Inc26,018.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100081661/23/2024 Multivista Documentation Technologies LLC36,004.67 14A Group Purchasing
PO100081911/24/2024 STVT-AAI Education Inc.475,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100081991/24/2024 Red River Technology, LLC170,032.50 
PO100082001/25/2024 R. L. Townsend & Associates, LLC48,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100082011/25/2024 Willdan22,750.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100082031/25/2024 R. L. Townsend & Associates, LLC52,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100082041/25/2024 R. L. Townsend & Associates, LLC16,500.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100082281/26/2024 Alliance Geotechnical Group, Inc42,520.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100082401/26/2024 John J. Romanek16,000.00 
PO100082481/29/2024 JRJ Enterprise LLC21,234.16 14A Group Purchasing
PO100082681/29/2024 YuJa, Inc29,500.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100082721/29/2024 Ram Aircraft Ltd100,000.00 
PO100082821/30/2024 Acumen Enterprises, Inc15,954.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100082841/30/2024 TXU Energy100,000.00 20A Auxiliary
PO100083021/31/2024 Jones & Robinson Enterprises Inc29,500.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100083041/31/2024 Jones & Robinson Enterprises Inc23,450.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100083051/31/2024 Jones & Robinson Enterprises Inc25,150.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100083351/31/2024 Dell Marketing L.P.17,527.42 
PO100083682/2/2024 The Competency Alliance Holdings Inc31,340.00 
PO100083702/2/2024 B-C Company94,009.04 12A Formal Bids
PO100084022/5/2024 Grande Communications Networks LLC53,366.53 
PO100084592/7/2024 Bartlett Cocke General Contractors LLC9,162,770.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100084882/7/2024 Cousins Construction Est. 2015 LLC42,474.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100085032/8/2024 Quinton and Sons Inc24,000.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100085052/8/2024 FH ARC Abatement LLC78,200.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100085062/8/2024 TXU Energy876,000.00 20A Auxiliary
PO100085082/8/2024 TXU Energy242,700.00 20A Auxiliary
PO100085262/8/2024 C & A Builders16,850.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100085302/8/2024 MediaMonks Inc1,783,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100085462/12/2024 Lonestar Documentation LLC47,743.92 14A Group Purchasing
PO100085692/12/2024 SHI-Government Solutions, Inc55,457.10 14A Group Purchasing
PO100085732/13/2024 ST Surg LLC28,253.55 11A Informal Bids
PO100086142/15/2024 Garrett Demolition Inc (Hold)162,951.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100086472/15/2024 SkillsUSA Texas Association Secondary Inc40,000.00 19A Best Value
PO100086562/15/2024 ISimulate LLC18,330.00 
PO100086582/16/2024 Dent Enterprises LLC18,275.80 12A Formal Bids
PO100086592/16/2024 Champion Energy Services LLC24,278.50 20A Auxiliary
PO100086612/16/2024 Gartner Inc196,658.00 
PO100086622/16/2024 Champion Energy Services LLC70,000.00 20A Auxiliary
PO100086632/16/2024 Honeys Roofing Llc97,375.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100086642/16/2024 Honeys Roofing Llc72,885.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100086662/16/2024 Champion Energy Services LLC20,000.00 20A Auxiliary
PO100086672/16/2024 Red River Technology, LLC36,500.00 
PO100086682/16/2024 CDW Government Inc29,250.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100086792/16/2024 Condensed Curriculum International, Inc15,492.25 
PO100086822/19/2024 Willdan68,434.00 19A Best Value
PO100087072/19/2024 Summus Dell - Punchout17,542.30 
PO100087222/20/2024 TXU Energy581,000.00 20A Auxiliary
PO100087232/20/2024 Rogers-O'Brien Construction Company, LLC59,595,664.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100087312/20/2024 SteelSentry, Inc.86,220.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100087332/20/2024 Charter Communications Holdings, Llc.45,806.64 19A Best Value
PO100087342/20/2024 Charter Communications Holdings, Llc.69,130.20 19A Best Value
PO100087592/21/2024 Champion Energy Services LLC65,528.39 20A Auxiliary
PO100087632/21/2024 Industrial & Commercial Mechanical LLC18,705.00 18A Emergency
PO100087682/21/2024 Pantheon Systems Inc.34,660.05 12A Formal Bids
PO100087692/21/2024 JRJ Enterprise LLC21,050.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100087712/22/2024 Exodus Truck Mart LLC47,899.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100087722/22/2024 Masterscapes39,720.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100087822/22/2024 Lochridge-Priest, Inc.28,750.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100087922/22/2024 Multivista Documentation Technologies LLC53,918.37 14A Group Purchasing
PO100087962/23/2024 T & D Powerskills Llc17,550.00 
PO100088252/26/2024 Industrial & Commercial Mechanical LLC16,520.59 14A Group Purchasing
PO100088572/27/2024 Century Corporation21,503.00 19A Best Value
PO100088722/28/2024 Payne Mechanical Services130,108.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100088752/29/2024 CDW Government Inc16,136.77 14A Group Purchasing
PO100088772/29/2024 CDW Government Inc24,153.12 14A Group Purchasing
PO100088782/29/2024 Fischer Engineering Company, LLC17,345.00 
PO100088792/29/2024 Lonestar Chiller Systems LLC19,940.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100089123/1/2024 Sysco Food Systems22,895.47 20A Auxiliary
PO100089153/1/2024 Waco Paving, Inc.207,433.05 12A Formal Bids
PO100089523/5/2024 Total Office Solutions18,565.32 14A Group Purchasing
PO100089543/5/2024 Irwin International Inc32,248.60 11A Informal Bids
PO100089793/5/2024 Ascend Learning Holdings LLC19,845.00 
PO100089803/5/2024 Ascend Learning Holdings LLC15,309.00 
PO100089813/6/2024 J.T. Vaughn Construction, LLC42,000,000.01 12A Formal Bids
PO100089933/6/2024 Energy Architecture Inc65,420.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100090053/6/2024 Steelehouse Productions DBA XALTER136,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100090233/7/2024 Grande Communications Networks LLC53,366.53 
PO100090303/7/2024 Laerdal Medical Corp.23,030.48 14A Group Purchasing
PO100090363/8/2024 ISimulate LLC42,155.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100090663/8/2024 Industrial & Commercial Mechanical LLC15,700.05 14A Group Purchasing
PO100090673/8/2024 Sports in Action, LLC17,675.00 19A Best Value
PO100090683/11/2024 BDR Preferred Holdings llc dba Roberts Truck Center59,995.00 19A Best Value
PO100090773/11/2024 Payne Mechanical Services18,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100091473/13/2024 Compunnel Software Group, Inc24,640.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100091673/15/2024 Articulate34,251.00 19A Best Value
PO100091743/15/2024 Achievers Corp.95,260.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100091753/15/2024 Achievers Corp.31,766.75 12A Formal Bids
PO100091763/15/2024 Achievers Corp.21,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100091853/18/2024 Climatec,llc84,875.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100091973/18/2024 Schneider Electric Buildings Americas, Inc255,190.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100091983/18/2024 Gaumard Scientific Company, Inc135,601.22 14A Group Purchasing
PO100092003/19/2024 Gaumard Scientific Company, Inc135,695.60 14A Group Purchasing
PO100092343/20/2024 Imperial Construction Inc21,288,358.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100092363/20/2024 SkillsUSA Texas College Postsecondary28,800.00 
PO100092583/20/2024 SkillsUSA Texas College Postsecondary171,720.00 
PO100092643/21/2024 Nucleus Robotics LLC16,500.00 19A Best Value
PO100092693/21/2024 JRJ Enterprise LLC16,885.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100092723/21/2024 Motimatic, PBC72,420.00 
PO100092823/22/2024 Lonestar Chiller Systems LLC17,170.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100093203/22/2024 Asher Media, Inc100,000.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100093213/22/2024 Automotive Video Innovations, Inc.39,350.00 
PO100093223/25/2024 Boeing Distribution Inc19,235.21 11A Informal Bids
PO100093303/25/2024 Plato Elearning, Llc48,253.97 19A Best Value
PO100093333/25/2024 ECHO Tours and Charter LP28,576.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100093613/27/2024 Conroe Wood Products, Inc.28,512.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100093913/27/2024 The Reynolds Company18,808.05 19A Best Value
PO100094183/28/2024 Kuali, Inc19,228.00 12A Formal Bids
PO100094373/28/2024 ECHO Tours and Charter LP16,388.00 
PO100094794/1/2024 Burgoon Grainger - Punchout60,097.13 14A Group Purchasing
PO100094894/1/2024 Quantum Mechanical Services Inc.33,488.94 14A Group Purchasing
PO100095224/2/2024 Triple-S Steel Supply LLC57,315.90 14A Group Purchasing
PO100095484/3/2024 Oncor Electric Delivery Company, LLC26,102.50 
PO100095614/3/2024 Romans Interiors Inc.28,933.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100095764/4/2024 Motimatic, PBC72,420.00 19A Best Value
PO100095954/4/2024 CampusOptics, Inc16,800.00 19A Best Value
PO100096514/9/2024 Lonestar Documentation LLC67,200.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100096724/9/2024 Summus Dell - Punchout53,076.32 
PO100096764/10/2024 Cedar Beetle LLC17,500.00 11A Informal Bids
PO100097094/11/2024 Cintas Corporation No 224,292.05 14A Group Purchasing
PO100097214/11/2024 Cintas Corporation No 235,798.67 14A Group Purchasing
PO100097494/15/2024 JRJ Enterprise LLC99,545.00 14A Group Purchasing
PO100097684/15/2024 Summus Staples - Punchout27,402.58 
PO100097794/16/2024 UBEO, LLC21,600.00 14A Group Purchasing