Curriculum Vitae presented for Jannifer Stimmel


                                Office Information: Fentress Center- Main Office


Jannifer Stimmel

Experience:                          Richard Karr Collision Center                   Location: Waco, TX

Job Title: Diagnostic Technician, Measuring Technician, and Research Technician

  • Vehicle Tracking and Production Status Updates
  • Vehicle teardowns and damage analysis
  • Deliver vehicles to sublets and pick them up; deliver and pick-up parts
  • Measure vehicles to assess: hidden damage in structural components, suspension and alignment components damage, during repair for sensor alignment, and for panel fit-up issues
  • Perform OEM pre- and post- scans for GM and FCA; Connect third-party scanner to scan vehicle for diagnostic trouble codes in other makes; analyze codes to determine if further repair or calibration will be needed; perform diagnostic repairs and calibrations when needed
  • Research repair procedures for estimators and technicians to develop a repair plan and for further information during the repairs
  • Replaced SIR components to spec


Experience:                    Falls Community Hospital and Clinic              Location: Marlin, TX

Job Title: Patient Assistance Coordinator, Polysomnographic Technician, Clinic Lab Technician, Administrative Float

Patient Assistance Coordinator and Clinic Lab Technician:

  • Assisted low income patients by providing access to healthcare and medications.
  • Modified and streamlined an efficient patient assistance program.
  • Implemented standards and provisions for participation in the program.
  • Devised a system to maintain records for patients participating in the program.
  • Created medical records, input information, and scanned documents into those records.  Linked scanned documents to appropriate location.
  • Collected applications for enrollment into our patient assistance program, verified information, and approved/rejected applications for enrollment
  • Gathered patient information to complete applications, enroll patients in pharmaceutical assistance programs, update information, renew enrollment and submitted documentation required for enrollment
  • Collaborated with pharmaceutical companies and other social service agencies to assist patients locating the public services that they qualified for
  • Worked closely with Indigent Health to cover medications through my program that was not available to those patients through that program.
  • Researched grants that the hospital and clinic would be eligible for and then researched, collected, and organized the information needed to apply for those grants
  • Planned, organized, coordinated, and operated the annual health fair.
  • Collaborated with physicians to assist patients in participating and continuing enrollment in pharmaceutical patient assistance programs.
  • Received, catalogued, and disbursed medications to patients.
  • Prepared reports for the clinic director that indicated effectiveness of the patient assistance program.
  • Supervised and trained new employees in patient assistance, clinic lab, and data entry

Polysomnographic Technician:

  • Greeted patients and collected medical history.
  • Prepped the supplies and the patient for the sleep study.
  • Attached electrodes to patients.
  • Conducted sleep studies by monitoring, observing and recording patients’ eye movement, leg movement, heart rate, oxygen level, restlessness, and breathing patterns, and sleep stages.
  • Prepared a report to be analyzed by a physician to determine if patient would be diagnosed with sleep apnea and require treatment.
  • Calibrated CPAP machines for patients previously diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Administrative Float:

  • Data entry of medical records (insurance information, changes, appointments, etc.)
  • Registered patients for appointments and input new contact and insurance information.
  • Pulled, filed, and delivered charts for multiple physicians’ offices
  • Answered phones, sent faxes, and made copies
  • Created new patient records
  • Received payments for services rendered and bill payment
  • Scanning documents into medical records and linking to appropriate location
  • Received, sorted, and routed incoming faxes to the correct recipient.
  • Corrected errors in the medical records system.



Experience:                                    Baylor University                              Location: Waco, TX

Job Title: Data Input Specialist (University Development)

  • Input various data.
  • Made postal changes.
  • Created Banner records for former alumni and potential donors.
  • Prepped call center and internet entries for banner.
  • Opened and sorted documents received from alumni and potential donors.
  • Accurately input the information on those documents into Banner in a timely manner.
  • Corrected and updated information in Banner records to provide the most recent and accurate personal faculty, staff, alumni, donor, and other Baylor constituent information
  • Removed duplicate records.
  • Researched Lexus Nexus to verify missing or additional information needed to complete Banner records.
  • Organized and filed documents received.
  • Added activities, email addresses, and magazine interests to banner records.
  • Seasonally assisted with inputting gifts


Academic Background/Education

AAS- Auto Collision & Management Technology-Repair Specialization (December 2018) Board of Regents Honor Grad

BGS- General Studies with Concentrations in Sociology, Health Studies, & Women’s Studies (December 2013) Cum Laude

AA in Arts- General Academics (May 2011) with Honors

AS in Science- General Academics (May 2011) with Honors




I-CAR Pro-Level 3 Platinum- Non-Structural Technician

I-CAR Pro-Level 1 Platinum- Refinish Technician

I-CAR Welding Training & Certification: Steel GMA (MIG) Welding (WCS03)

Matrix Wand Certified

GM Certifications

FCA Certifications





Board of Regents Honors

SKILLSUSA- Gold Medal (Texas) in Collision Damage Analysis 2019

PPG Scholarship Recipient 2018

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society

Epsilon Omega Epsilon Honor Society